Alert: “Tour de Big Bear” bicycle race road closures effecting service 8/2/19 through 8/4/19

Affected routes: Boulder Bay to Interlaken Center Mountain Meadows to Gold Mountain Big Bear Weekend Trolley

Due to road closures for the “Tour de Big Bear” bicycle race 8/2/19 through 8/4/19, certain Mountain Transit routes will be effected in the following ways:

Route 3- Friday 8/2/19 through Sunday 8/4/19:   Route 3 will only be traveling as far as the road closure at Village Drive and Knickerbocker. This road closure through Pine Knot will prevent Route 3 from providing service to Mountain Meadows, and the Village stops at Pine Knot. Route 3 will still provide service to The Village at Bartlett rd (theater) stop. Route 3 will resume normal route service on Sunday 8/4/19.

Route 1- Saturday, 8/3/19 Route 1  will be effected by the road closure at Village Drive and Knickerbocker between 7:00 AM-10:00 am. During this road closure, Route 1 bus will bypass the Village at Paine Rd. and continue on to Big Bear Blvd. The next stop serviced will be Big Bear Blvd & Alden Rd (Sandy’s Sports Bar/Verizon Store) going east. Going West, the last stop on Big Bear Blvd. at Knickerbocker will continue down Big Bear Blvd and next stop will be Big Bear Blvd & Paine Rd (Snow Bear Resort)

Rt 8 Weekend Trolley- Saturday 8/3/19 The trolley will be affected by a road closure at Village Drive and Knickerbocker on the first run  of the day at 9:30. This road closure will prevent  service in the village to the Copper Q stop  at 9:37. The road will reopen at 10:ooam and the Trolley will resume the regular schedule at 10:30am.