Fares and Passes

Half fares on all Mountain Transit routes are available to persons 60 and older with state ID, Veterans with ID card, and to persons with disabilities with a Mountain Transit ADA Card. For more information call or fill out the Application for Disability Identification Card.

RIM Routes 2 & 4

To / FromTop Town/CrestlineTwin Peaks/RimforestLake ArrowheadRunning Springs
Top Town/Crestline$1.00$2.00$3.00$4.00
Twin Peaks/Rimforest$2.00$1.00$2.00$3.00
Lake Arrowhead Village$3.00$2.00$1.00$2.00
Running Springs$4.00$3.00$2.00$1.00

RIM Off the Mountain

To / FromTop Town/CrestlineTwin Peaks/RimforestLake ArrowheadSan Bernardino
Top Town/Crestline$1.50$3.00$4.50$4.50
Twin Peaks/Rimforest$3.00$1.50$3.00$6.00
Lake Arrowhead Village$4.50$3.00$1.50$7.50
San Bernardino$4.50$6.00$7.50

Big Bear Routes 1, 11, & 3


Big Bear Off the Mountain

To / FromBig Bear/FawnskinSnow ValleyRunning Springs/ArrowbearSan Bernardino
Big Bear/Fawnskin$2.50$5.00$7.50$10.00
Snow Valley$5.00$2.50$5.00$7.50
Running Springs/Arrowbear$7.50$5.00$2.50$5.00
San Bernardino$10.00$7.50$5.00

Weekend Trolley



Day Passes can be purchased from the driver. Other passes and punch cards are available at Mountain Transit offices with cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

Pass TypeRegularSenior/Disabled/Veterans
RIM Local Day Pass$5.00$2.50
RIM Local 10-zone Punch Pass$9.00$4.50
Big Bear Local Day Pass$4.00$2.00
Big Bear Local 10-ride Punch Pass$13.50$6.75
RIM OTM 30-Punch Pass$40.50$20.25
Big Bear OTM 24-Punch Pass$54.00$27.00