7/28/17 11:44 am NEW Fire related road closure on 330. Big Bear OTM re-routed

7/28/17 1:37pm  330 is now open. BB OTM2 uphill riders may still experience delays as traffic clears up now that the highway is open.  BB OTM 3 is expected to resume regular route and time points.

7/28/17 11:44am  Due to a new fire and subsequent closure of the 330, the Big Bear Off the Mountain bus of the day has once again been re-routed to highway 18. Passengers can expect delays. Hwy 330 closure between Highland and Live Oak. Will update when road is re-opened.

7/27/17  330 is open. BB OTM has resumed normal schedule and route.

7/26/17 3:25 pm Due to closure of the 330, the last Big Bear Off the Mountain bus of the day has been re-routed to highway 18. Passengers can expect delays. Hwy 330 closure between Highland and Live Oak we will update when road is re-opened.

Per Cal Fire:Hwy 330 below lower passing lanes, working vegetation fire. 1/4-1/2 acre, moderate rate of spread. Helitankers only as fire is under power lines in a no-retardant area. Incendiary device found at base of fire. USFS, Cal Fire and SBCoFD enroute.  Hwy 330 closure between Highland and Live Oak

Rim Area Weekend Trolley Holiday weekend schedule- Alert!

The Mountain Transit Weekend Trolley will run an extended Schedule for the Memorial Holiday weekend so you can enjoy more events around the Mountain! The trolley will be running the Evening Schedule on Friday Saturday AND Sunday. On Monday we will be running the daytime schedule.

We have also adjusted the time the last Trolley will leave Lake Arrowhead Village evening concerts so you can be sure to enjoy the encore!

Your Mountain Transit Weekend Trolley $5.00 weekend Pass will be good for FOUR days of unlimited re-boarding over Memorial weekend! 

Here are some fun things happening this weekend


Lake Arrowhead Village Concert:

Fri 5/26                     Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute)

Sat 5/27                    Walking Phoenixes (Johnny Cash tribute)

Sun 5/28                 The Heart of Rock and Roll (Huey Lewis tribute)

Mon 5/29 2-4pm   Vickie G & The Dudes (Memorial Day)

Skypark at Santa’s Village:

Opening Weekend! Locals Day

The Tudor House:

Fri 5/26                   Friday Night Supper Club

Sat 5/27                 American Parlor Songbook

Sun 5/28

For a full list of other activities around the mountain visit:

Lake Arrowhead Chamber: www.

Crestline Chamber:

Running Springs Chamber:

Mountain Transit to introduce real time bus tracking App.

No more waiting for the bus!

Waiting for the bus, wondering when it will show up will soon be a thing of the past—if you have Mountain Transit’s new DoubleMap App on your iPhone or Android devices.

Mountain Transit is getting set to introduce real-time bus tracking as part of its Support Technology for Administrative Resources (STAR) program. STAR will allow for the transit agency to track its buses as they drive on a real-time basis.

“It’s something we thought we could never afford, but when we stopped and thought about all the things we do by hand in terms of tracking and recording data, and what we could improve using technology, it made sense,” said Sandy Benson, Mountain Transit’s assistant general manager.

“Every bus now has a tablet and tracking information is collected through Verizon,” she said. “The driver logs in and at every stop we get data, so we will be able to say how many riders we’ve picked up, where the bus is and where it is in terms of timing.”

The technology, hosted by DoubleMap, utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) units in each bus to provide real time tracking of Mountain Transit’s buses.

Staff, dispatchers and drivers currently are training with the new tracking system. The next step in the process will be offering a free tracking app for riders. Tiffany Millburn, Mountain Transit’s community outreach coordinator, explained the benefits for riders.

“Real-time information for transit users takes a lot of mystery out of taking public transit by cutting down the amount of time someone waits for a bus,” she said. “Riders can see the time and distance for the next bus arrival, and how many stops away the bus is. This will allow riders to simply ‘meet’ their bus, rather than ‘wait’ for their bus,” she added.

Rider apps should be available in early June, Millburn said.

“Riders can already turn to Mountain Transit’s website to view routes and plan their trip utilizing our Trip Planner; however, the new DoubleMap app will allow riders to track more accurately whether a bus is running early or running late,” she added.

See Mountain News Article online:

MOUNTAIN TRANSIT – Connecting You to Your Community


Jenne driverStory and Photos By Julie Center –
Mountain News – Discover Crestline –  2016


If you’re looking for a personable, affordable and easy way to discover Crestline and the rest of the mountain communities, you should try hopping a ride on Mountain Transit.


With routes in the Rim service area and in Big Bear, Mountain Transit can drive riders just about anywhere they need to go, from Cedarpines Park to Lake Gregory to Cedar Glen, and even off the mountain. At the bottom of the mountain, Mountain Transit connects riders with Amtrak, Greyhound, Omnitrans and Victor Valley Transit to help passengers arrive at wherever their final destination may be.


From 5:25 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., buses whisk passengers past breathtaking views to witness the lit jewelry box of the San Bernardino city lights, the glittering blue Lake Arrowhead and Lake Gregory, and the green of the San Bernardino National Forest.


“When you’re driving you don’t get to appreciate the view,” said Tiffany Millburn, Mountain Transit’s representative. “Going up the Rim on the bus is the most beautiful thing!”


Riders can be picked up and dropped off along six fixed routes, each of which has set time points so riders can schedule their trips. But Mountain Transit drivers will also stop at additional unmarked points that are not on the official schedule if someone is waiting or flags down the bus.


The routes are designed to make it easy for families and children to go on outings to the Lake Gregory beach area, hiking and mountain biking trail-heads, and special events such as Jamboree Days. The purchase of a ten punch pass allows riders to ride the transit 10 times without an expiration date, letting families bypass the hassle and expense of parking. In addition, children under the age of 5 ride for free.


“It’s perfect for a young family who is trying to find creative ways to keep their children entertained when school is out,” Millburn said.


In addition, Mountain Transit provides a Dial-a-Ride service to people who are over 60, disabled, veterans or who live more than three-quarters of a mile from a fixed route area. The Dial-a-Ride service allows riders who call to make a reservation within two weeks and two hours from their reserved time to be picked up directly from their home.


The Dial-a-Ride service is especially beneficial in Crestline, Millburn said, due to the isolation of the community. Often isolated riders who don’t own vehicles can call and be picked up and dropped off where they want to go in order to commute, go grocery shopping, attend doc-tors’ appointments, get to jury duty or interact with the community.


“The idea that nothing can keep you from accomplishing the things you want to, because you can still get to where you need to go, is a big deal,” Millburn said. “Transportation affects daily living, depression and the ability to inter-act.”


The friendly and experienced Mountain Transit drivers also foster personal relationships with riders they see regularly, allowing them to make the riding experience more enjoyable and accountable. For example, drivers will return forgotten items or personally call riders who they know are regularly picked up at stops to inform them of delays.


“The communication is small-town and community oriented,” Millburn said.


The intimate relationships formed between driver and passenger have even saved lives. In the past, there was a situation in which a Dial-a-Ride regular did not come to the door for their habitual pick-up, sparking concern from the driver who knew the person’s habits. When the driver called the rider, he found out the person had fallen and could not get up. “We made a difference,” Millburn added.


Because safety is a priority, the buses are especially in demand during winter storms, when mountain roads are hazardous. Since drivers complete their route up to seven times a shift, they gain valuable experience with the hills and curves of each road that allows them to transport passengers safely with less risk of accident than the average driver.


Ultimately, whether you’re a local or a tourist, riding for a day or daily, Mountain Transit aims to connect people to the mountain communities safely and personably.
“We’re a reflection of the mountain community,” Millburn said. “How do you experience your community if you’re isolated in your house?”


For more information regarding times, routes and pricing, visit


It’s all in a day’s work Mountain Transit dispatcher helps rider in need

“I couldn’t believe it,” Bryan said. “I thought, you know, this guy is a bus driver. He’s out there shoveling snow at the end of my ramp and he is doing this and doing that. Talk about above and beyond the call of duty.”

Grizzly Mountain transit

It wasn’t just the driver who’d been delayed. Valley resident Jeanene Byram didn’t plan on staying at a motel in Hawthorne on Jan. 6, but had few options after her plane’s late arrival to LAX from Arizona caused her to miss her bus. She spent the next day getting back to Big Bear and was on the last bus of the day when it arrived around 9 p.m. and switched from its regular off-mountain service to Dial-A-Ride. Byram stayed on the bus. She relies on Mountain Transit’s Dial-A-Ride service to get around the Valley since a car accident put her in a wheelchair in 2013, and she needed to get back to her home at Whispering Pines Estates off of Highway 38.

For the full story CLICK HERE


Beginning July 1, 2015 — Mountain Transit’s Crestline Office will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may present for passengers needing to purchase passes.  Please check back for updates.