It’s all in a day’s work Mountain Transit dispatcher helps rider in need

“I couldn’t believe it,” Bryan said. “I thought, you know, this guy is a bus driver. He’s out there shoveling snow at the end of my ramp and he is doing this and doing that. Talk about above and beyond the call of duty.”

Grizzly Mountain transit

It wasn’t just the driver who’d been delayed. Valley resident Jeanene Byram didn’t plan on staying at a motel in Hawthorne on Jan. 6, but had few options after her plane’s late arrival to LAX from Arizona caused her to miss her bus. She spent the next day getting back to Big Bear and was on the last bus of the day when it arrived around 9 p.m. and switched from its regular off-mountain service to Dial-A-Ride. Byram stayed on the bus. She relies on Mountain Transit’s Dial-A-Ride service to get around the Valley since a car accident put her in a wheelchair in 2013, and she needed to get back to her home at Whispering Pines Estates off of Highway 38.

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