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Posted June 16, 2019  

Rider service change alert to stop location at Interlaken Center beginning MONDAY July 29, 2019

Beginning Wednesday, July 17, 2019 the shelter at the Vons/Interlaken location will be removed from all routes. The buses will continue to provide service to this location until Monday July 29, 2019. On Monday July 29, 2019 a TEMPORARY bus stop to provide service the Interlaken Center will be located on Big Bear Blvd (near ramp which leads to Starbucks.) A notice will be posted to designate the temporary stop Location. Layover’s will temporarily be made at Mountain Transit’s facility at 41939 Fox Farm Road. Bus passes may be purchased during layovers at this facility. There are no Public bathrooms at this facility.

New temporary schedule Guides will be available on Mountain Transit’s website and on the buses on Friday July 26, 2019.