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During an emergency (i.e., Fire, Earthquake, etc.), Mountain Transit is under the authority of the Sheriff and/or Fire Department.  Mountain Transit does not coordinate evacuations.  Residents are advised to listen to KBHR (93.3) radio for information regarding evacuations and updates during incidents.  It is recommended that mountain residents keep a battery operated radio on hand to be used during emergencies.

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Highway conditions from Caltrans: Highways 18, 38, 138, 215, 330)

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9/23/19 Mountain Transit Stop #190 Stater Brother at Big Bea Blvd not in service

Affected routes: Boulder Bay to Interlaken Center Mountain Meadows to Gold Mountain Big Bear OTM Route 5 Erwin Lake to Interlaken Center

Due to parking lot maintenance at Stater Brother’s, Mountain Transit  Stop #190 Stater Brother at Big Bear Blvd  will not be serviced until parking lot entrance at the light is open.

Riders may catch the route across the street at the Starbucks stop or at Stanfield by the AM/PM.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Big Bear Weekend Trolley Route extended on Saturdays for Oktoberfest

Affected routes: Big Bear Weekend Trolley

RIM Off The Mountain Route 6 diversion due to Closure of HWY 18 9/5/19

Affected routes: RIM OTM Route 6


Due to an accident and subsequent closure of Hwy 18 earlier, RIM OTM route 6 will be diverted on its third run of the day to Highway 330. Passengers should expect delays in arrival to the San Bernardino Transit Center. The Last run of the day will not be re-routed unless the road remains closed.

Please contact dispatch at 909-878-5200 for further information.

THU SEP 5, 2019, 9:35 AM


Big Bear Off the Mountain (OTM) Route # 5 re-routed due to 330 closure 9/9-9/20

Affected routes: Big Bear OTM Route 5
During the hard closure of SR 330 from September 9th – 20th, San Bernardino will be re-routed to HWY 18  (after Stop # 383 Palo Alto Way and Commercial way in Running Springs).
Route 5 OTM will still provide service to stop #399 Highland Ave & Boulder Ave (Walmart) in both directions, however, riders should be prepared for Downhill delays associated with the diversion.
For further information call Mountain Transit Dispatch at 909-878-5200.

From August 26 – September 30, Mountain Transit service between Running Springs and Lake Arrowhead is FREE!

Affected routes: Lake Arrowhead - Running Springs

In response to community requests, Mountain Transit has been looking at how to better meet the transportation needs for those in the Running Springs, Green Valley Lake and Arrowbear area.

SBCTA San Bernardino County Transportation Authority) with a grant from LCTOP (Low Carbon Transit Operations Program) has provided Mountain Transit with an opportunity to provide Fixed route 4 and Running Springs Dial a Ride service for free to the community from August 26 – September 30, 2019. Mountain Transit, in an effort to familiarize Running Springs residents with the current service available, as well as plan for future needs; will use this opportunity to gather data to assist in accessing any service revisions needed to meet the needs of the community more effectively. Every rider will be asked to fill out a 4 question survey EVERY time they ride free between August 26-September 30. (Time, Day of Week, Destination, and whether they are using Dial a Ride or Fixed Route 4) The survey information will be used to develop new transportation service in and around the Running Springs area. Mountain Transit would like to encourage residents to try out the service for free during this promotion from August 26 – September 30. Whether you are a regular rider or never ridden with Mountain Transit, your feedback is valuable. This free service is sponsored by SBCTA San Bernardino County Transportation Authority) with a grant from LCTOP (Low Carbon Transit Operations Program)

Dial a Ride Service restored 8/19/19 after a Small Fire in Crestline Facility 08/17/19

Affected routes: all_routes
UPDATE 8/19/19 Mountain Transit’s Crestline Facility office will remain closed for repairs due to small fire on Saturday 8/17/19. Dial a Ride Service has been restored and all routes systemwide are running as scheduled. Dispatch will continue to be run out of our Big Bear facility. For Dial a Ride reservations or further information please call 909-878-5200.
Alert** 8/17/19 9:30 am  Due to a small fire in our Crestline facility this morning (8/17/19) which affected our main servers, Dispatchers will temporarily be unable to book additional Dial a Ride reservations until the Fire Department clears the building and our IT team can assess the damage.
This will affect Dial a Ride service system wide (Big Bear and RIM) as the main servers are hosted in Crestline Facility. The Crestline office is currently closed to staff and public.
At this time all other services are running as scheduled, and Big Bear office has taken over dispatch. We will keep the community posted as we have more information.

08/13/19 9:30am – Road closure/service interuption Moongridge Road in Big Bear effects Route 1 & 3

Affected routes: Boulder Bay to Interlaken Center Mountain Meadows to Gold Mountain

Due to a road closure in Moonridge at Sheephorn rd;  Mountain Transit Routes 1 and 3 will unable to provide service to Moonridge Rd. and Sheephorn Rd (stop#215) and Moonridge Rd and Plymouth Rd. at the Golf Course (stop #216) until road is re-opened.  Bus will turn around at Bear mountain before resuming route at Moonridge and Fir at Perfect 10 nails (stop#385)

Mountain Transit has no further information on when the road will be re-opened at this time. Service will resume as normal once road is re-opened. For questions please contact dispatch at 909-878-5200 and check for updates at

30th Annual Antique Car Club Fun Run in Big Bear to cause route diversions and delays in service Saturday 8/7/19

Affected routes: Boulder Bay to Interlaken Center Mountain Meadows to Gold Mountain Big Bear Weekend Trolley

Due to the 30th Annual Antique Car Club Fun Run in Big Bear in the Village this weekend, Mountain Transit’s scheduled services will be diverted on Saturday Aug 10, 2019 for the following routes:


  • Route 1 will provide service only as a far as Big Bear Blvd at Knickerbocker (stop# 268) and will be unable to provide service to any of the stops in the Village during this detour until after 5:30pm.
  • Route 1 will also be unable to provide service past Big Bear Blvd at Knickerbocker (stop# 268) to Boulder Bay between 4:30 pm until the next scheduled trip at 5:36pm as the cars from the show will leave to go around the lake in the same direction and the delay will be too great. Service to Boulder Bay will resume at 5:37 at Big Bear Blvd and Alden Dr (stop#262)


  • Route 3  will also be effected by the congestion and will not provide service on Saturday past Big Bear Blvd & Alden Rd.(stop #262) There will be no access to Knickerbocker at Pedder (Stop #346),  Village Drive and Pineknot (stop # 461) or Mountain Meadows Senior Apartments (stop #300) all day.


  • Rt 7 Weekend Trolley will be picking up behind The Lodge at Big Bear Lake on Beaver Rd. for guests of the Lodge before continuing the route. The only other Trolley stop effected by this detour will be stop #280 Copper Q (in the Village).

“Tour de Big Bear” bicycle race road closures effecting service 8/2/19 through 8/4/19

Affected routes: Boulder Bay to Interlaken Center Mountain Meadows to Gold Mountain Big Bear Weekend Trolley

Due to road closures for the “Tour de Big Bear” bicycle race 8/2/19 through 8/4/19, certain Mountain Transit routes will be effected in the following ways:

Route 3- Friday 8/2/19 through Sunday 8/4/19:   Route 3 will only be traveling as far as the road closure at Village Drive and Knickerbocker. This road closure through Pine Knot will prevent Route 3 from providing service to Mountain Meadows, and the Village stops at Pine Knot. Route 3 will still provide service to The Village at Bartlett rd (theater) stop. Route 3 will resume normal route service on Sunday 8/4/19.

Route 1- Saturday, 8/3/19 Route 1  will be effected by the road closure at Village Drive and Knickerbocker between 7:00 AM-10:00 am. During this road closure, Route 1 bus will bypass the Village at Paine Rd. and continue on to Big Bear Blvd. The next stop serviced will be Big Bear Blvd & Alden Rd (Sandy’s Sports Bar/Verizon Store) going east. Going West, the last stop on Big Bear Blvd. at Knickerbocker will continue down Big Bear Blvd and next stop will be Big Bear Blvd & Paine Rd (Snow Bear Resort)

Rt 8 Weekend Trolley- Saturday 8/3/19 The trolley will be affected by a road closure at Village Drive and Knickerbocker on the first run  of the day at 9:30. This road closure will prevent  service in the village to the Copper Q stop  at 9:37. The road will reopen at 10:ooam and the Trolley will resume the regular schedule at 10:30am.




Route 2 Detour due to Holiday Road Closures in Crestline – Saturday July 6, 2019

Affected routes: Valley of Enchantment - Crestline - Lake Arrowhead

Saturday, July 6, 2019
Crestline will be holding their Jamboree Days – which includes a Parade, Street Fair and Fireworks Show.  These activities will cause road closure and detours which will effect Route 2 Service for Saturday July 6, 2019 only.

Lake Dr. will be closed from 8:00am – 7:00pm from Forest Shade Rd thru Wildrose Ln.
and Lake Gregory Dr. will be closed from 8:00pm – 10:00pm

In light of these closures, Route 2 will not be able to provide service to stops within the closure due to detours. Route 2 will continue to provide service, however, if you areTraveling toward VOE fro Lake Gregory, you may board bus on south side of Lake Gregory at the stop sign.

If you are travelling towards Lake Arrowhead, you may board the bus in front of the skate park on Lake Gregory Drive.