Senior/ADA Reduced Fare Application

A MARTA ADA ID Card allows persons with disabilities to ride all MARTA services at a reduced fare, and to use MARTA’s Dial-a-Ride service.
Applications can be obtained from either the Big Bear or Crestline offices, or downloaded from the link below.  Completed applications must be returned with qualifying documentation along with photo ID.

Seniors (60 years and over) are also eligible for the reduced fare and Dial-a-Ride services.  Seniors can obtain a California ID card from their local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Proof of eligibility must be provided when purchasing Senior/Disabled passes, and may be requested by our drivers upon boarding when paying by cash.

Reduced Fare Application

  1. Complete the front section of the form “Applicant’s Information”
  2. Take the completed form to a MARTA office nearest you along with photo ID and one of the following proof of disability:
    • Social Security Medicare Card or SSI award letter
    • DMV Disabled Person Placard ID Card/Receipt
    • VA letter confirming disability of 50% or greater
    • Medical Certification — Have your physician or social worker complete the “Medical Certification” portion of form. Be sure to complete the Medical Release portion on the back side of form.

A disability ID card will be issued upon receipt of this form.  Cards expire on June 30 of each year.