Outreach Coordinator Duties


Position Classification Specification

Class Title:   Outreach Coordinator/Travel Trainer

Department:   Operations


Position Summary:

This position is very involved in the community and must have desire to work with seniors, Veterans and persons with disabilities.   Ability to represent Mountain Transit at community meetings. Considerable knowledge of software programs (Microsoft, Excel, Publisher, Adobe, etc.) and/or ability to quickly learn programs and systems as needed.   Must have excellent written and oral communication skills.  Responsible for marketing MT services system wide and maintaining social media presence.  Reports directly to the Assistant General Manager.

Essential Duties:

Provide travel training on system wide services for seniors, persons with disabilities and other special needs groups and individuals.

  • Participate in community events, fairs and community meetings.
  • Maintain social media and update Mountain Transit web site, on time app and system wide service tracking software.
  • Support all aspects of marketing and advertising.
  • Plan media placements based on Marketing Budget.
  • Design advertising in-house (both print and digital), maintaining a consistent brand identity.

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills:

  • Considerable skill with social media outlets.
  • Ability to work with senior and disabled population.
  • Knowledge of basic advertising and marketing strategies.
  • Considerable skill in using, Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher suite, and other related computer programs.  Ability to quickly learn new computer programs. Ability to create and organize ongoing reports.
  • Ability to perform duties within prescribed timeframes.
  • Considerable written and oral communications.
  • Ability to maintain positive professional working relationships with community members and employees.
  • Adept at creating presentations and presenting them in public settings.
  • Additional duties as assigned.

Required Education and Experience:

Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.  A minimum of 3 years of experience working directly with customers/general public. Must have a California driver’s license in good standing.

Working Conditions:

Work is performed in an office environment and in community venues.   Work entails sitting and standing.

Must travel to attend meetings and conferences.